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The iLoginAction interface provides an easy to use way to do custom stuff with a user logging on to a portal. Once your custom class implements the interface you will have two methods that are called by the module after a user has sucessfully logged in.
        Public Sub FinalizeLogin(ByRef Server As System.Web.HttpServerUtility, ByRef Response As System.Web.HttpResponse, ByRef Request As System.Web.HttpRequest, ByVal objUser As DotNetNuke.Entities.Users.UserInfo) Implements iLoginAction.FinalizeLogin

        End Sub

        Public Function RedirectAfterLogin() As String Implements iLoginAction.RedirectAfterLogin
            Return String.Empty
        End Function

FinalizeLogin() is called right after logging on and you can do whatever you like in here. The response object is handed over in case you want to do some custom redirect here.

RedirectAfterLogin() is called right after FinalizeLogin and - if you don't want to redirect yourself in FinalizeLogin you may return a url string in here to tell the login module where to redirect.

Your custom interface will be fired once you have set the fully classified name of your class in the module settings. You may also choose to put your code in APP_CODE and the module will try to find the class there. If so, only enter the classname including the namespace, e.g. "yournamespace.yourclassname"

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